• Plan, Plan, Plan. This is the most important tip of all, by far, and incidentally why it can be so helpful to have experienced, skilled movers like National On Time Relocation on your side (shameless, I know – I swear, this isn’t one of those, We really won’t mention it again). By thinking through how your move will go in advance, you help to ensure things go as smoothly as possible when the time comes. Most of the tips that follow will be an extension of this one, just the things many people don’t think on their own. That’s why we’re here to help.
  • A move is the perfect time to do some Spring (or Summer, Fall, Winter, Whenever) Cleaning. Room by room, go through your things and decide what you really should have thrown out, given away (or back – borrowing a book for several years is not acceptable friend behavior! No one reads that slowly, come on) or put into storage long ago.
  • Consolidate your cleaning supplies and put them aside in a single bag or box that you don’t pack away. When your old home is emptied out and all of your belongings loaded up, you may well notice that it is the ideal time to clean. This way, you will still have all of your cleaning supplies available, and will also have them in hand for when you arrive at your destination and if any messes or cleaning opportunities occur during the move.
  • Most people find they have a significant quantity of clothes and other things that they don’t use, and never will again. Rather than just trashing them (the most round-about form of recycling, it’s true, but the down-side is that if you’re anything like the gang of crazed dumpster divers wearing all of the sweaters Grandma gave you every holiday season staging a massive war scene with your childhood plastic army men and dinosaurs using ripped pieces of all your old school books to simulate clouds of debris clouding the field shaped from the rest of your once beloved belongings haunts your nightmares), consider donating them to charity. You rarely know what exactly they will or won’t take, but you really don’t have to stress this part of things unnecessarily either. Contact a local charity and schedule a time for them to pick up the things they will take as donations. They will let you know what can and cannot be donated and put to good use, and you’ll come out of it feeling a little better about yourself, knowing you’ve avoided needless waste and helped those in need.
  • As part of your pre-move planning, be sure to change your address at least two weeks before you move. Most people remember to notify electric, gas, water, television and internet providers, as their services are directly associated with your home, but also think of other services you may use less often. Banks, credit card companies (as much as you may not mind losing touch with them), magazine, video rental or other media subscriptions, Amazon and online shopping accounts you may use, and really any other service that has or may need to contact you by mail or ship to your address should be notified of your new address. Don’t forget to notify your friends and relatives too, especially those you may not be as frequently in touchy so you don’t lose touch entirely, Most importantly, file a change of address slip with your local Post Office, so any mail still sent to your old address can be forwarded for a time.
  • While going through your belongings, you also find you have things of some value that you might want to sell. Some extra money never hurts, especially around moving time. Consider posting these items online at an auction site like eBay or another outlet for selling things like Craigslist or Etsy. Make sure you start doing this a month or more before you plan to move, to ensure things go smoothly and do not become overly complicated by your move, and to have the funds paid to you and available by the time you have to move.
  • Stop buying perishable groceries and goods about two weeks before your move. This way, you’ll avoid wasting money on things you’ll end up throwing out anyway.
  • In general, many people find it easier to either A.) buy food and drinks that don’t require preparation, or to B.) eat out for the few days or week before your move. Your kitchenware (pots, pans, plates, glasses and silverware) is one of the things you need to be especially careful packing, as you don’t want it to be damaged and you’ll want to be able to unpack and find all of it almost immediately upon arrival in your new home.
    Speaking of your arrival and packing, be sure to pack a carry on or overnight type bag for the day or days of your move. All of the things you would bring on a trip out of town or traveling are the same things you won’t want buried in the assortment of things you won’t have access to once they’re in transit and most likely won’t feel like going through once you arrive at your destination.

Although we highly recommend you utilize our Whole Package deal or other Full Service Move packages that include a detailed preparation plan and wrapping and packing services, we know that there are many reasons you may not be able to afford or want to have National On Time Relocation pack all of your things for you. Regardless, we still appreciate you and that you’re coming to us with your moving needs just as much, so we have also provided packing tips that may or may not apply to your move.

At the beginning of your packing adventure, sort before you start packing. Ask yourself how you will want to have your things in your new home. Many people sort things first by room (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms and closet/ miscellaneous are the most common).

Make a list of all of the important things you’ll be packing, and use a system to keep track of where and how you are packing them. (Utilizing one of National On Time Relocation Services’ packing services, a detailed packing and placement plan detailing exactly where everything listed came from and will be at completion is included in the cost of your move as well all of your supplies would already be taken care of, but… What? I know what you’re thinking, but this one is different. It’s not shameless self-promotion; it’s important information that needed to be included!)

All of your drawers, baskets, bins and containers can be used during your move. Those you usually keep full, wrap them with stretch wrap or shrink wrap if you have it (National On Time Relocation provides these and other packing supplies for the same bargain prices we do all our services – I know, I said I wouldn’t do this; that’s the last time, I swear) to cover and enclose them, making drawers, baskets and the like into fully functioning boxes.

Wrap liquids and toiletries in plastic wrap, ideally with the cap off and then replaced over the seal, to ensure nothing breaks or leaks onto the rest of your things.

While going through your things, identify your most important documents (Birth, Marriage and other Certificates, Bonds and other financial documents, your Social Security Card, passport, and legal documents are common examples) and your most valuable items. You may want to either keep them all together in one box or safe or simply keep them in your possession throughout the move.

Although you can trust National On Time Relocation, criminals often target homes being moved into or out of, and people they find out are moving in general. The combination of the clutter and chaos of many moves and the unusual circumstances of your being distracted and not knowing where many of your things are to notice if they are missing makes for an ideal chance for them.

If you’re using National On Time Relocation, the price of all of your things being covered against any damage or loss by our insurance policy.

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