Need to move the contents of your storage unit out of the city? Relocating with your business to Denver? Tired of the West Coast and need help moving everything you own cross-country?

National On Time Relocation is here to help. Our experienced team of diligent and driven move specialists will be happy to assist you in your long distance move.

If you need to make a move outside of the Los Angeles area, here is how to go about it:
Call, E-Mail, or submit a request for a quote to National On Time Relocation and let us know where you’re moving from, to, and when you’re planning to do so.

A team of our moving specialists will schedule a time to meet you and assess your moving and supply needs.
National On Time Relocation will meet with you at the pick-up location at the previously discussed time. They will tell you in detail about all of the different packages, scheduling arrangements, packing supplies, truck and equipment options and special services that National On Time Relocation can provide for you. They will ask you to tell them how you envision your ideal move taking place, and work with you to come up with a plan for exactly how and when the move can be carried out to your precise specifications.

National On Time Relocation will then provide you with a quote for exactly the type of move you have chosen to schedule. It is important to note that ALL SERVICES UP TO THIS POINT ARE COMPLIMENTARY.

National On Time Relocation is so confident that we are the absolute best in terms of quality, availability, options and all around value that we provide you with all of the expertise, advice, moving and packing tips learned from countless years of experience and trade talk and the coordination of a detailed moving and packing plan and layout that we are confident that once you’ve seen what we have to offer, you won’t find a superior option or a better value anywhere else.

If you have any doubts, we allow, and in fact encourage you to spend your time contacting our competitors, researching their plans, options and contacting their previous customers to inquire about the quality of services they have provided. No one works harder than we do to ensure that you have the most high quality, low stress move possible for such an affordable price.

Once you have accepted the quote and agreed to the terms of our moving contract for you, we can move forward with scheduling and preparing the move.

National On Time Relocation offers several options with regard to scheduling your packing and preparation:

We can arrive in the days or even weeks prior to your scheduled move and pack some or all of your things in
advance, arrive the day (or night) before the scheduled move date and carry out the packing and preparation plan, or simply have the entire preparation process (sorting, clean up, labeling, wrapping and packing) carried out and immediately load and set out for your move destination. Be sure to ask whatever questions you didn’t think or get a chance to ask during your initial move assessment now; our Long Distance Move Specialists will be more than happy to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of different scheduling schemes and how they will affect your move, including how the amount of hours you choose to have each phase completed in will have an effect on the price of the job.

Generally, the faster you need the packing and wrapping process or the loading of your things completed, the more movers need to be assigned the job and so the higher the price. As always, National On Time Relocation is dedicated to providing you with the best value possible for your needs, so please let us know what your budget (both as far as time and price) is and the Move Specialist in charge of your job will be happy to work with you to find the option that is best for you.

Be sure to remember that long distance moves are just that – long.

Think ahead about where you plan to be and what you will be doing at different times throughout the process. West Coast Affordable Movers’ Long-Distance Move Specialists will explain in detail to you what has and hasn’t worked in the past for others, and we highly recommend you keep these specifics in mind when planning your move. Long distance moves are unique in that there is significant time spent in transit, and once you arrive your things will be unloaded and unpacked in opposite order that they were loaded and packed in. Keep in mind the things that you will need and/or want most immediately and inform our team as soon as possible. The movers in charge of your job will gladly share the knowledge they have acquired through training and experience and help make sure you have the ideal plan that will allow for you to have the most comfortable and least stressful move possible.

Once all of your things are sorted, wrapped, packed, labeled, and loaded, West Coast Affordable Movers will leave immediately from your origin point and head to the destination for your items. It is generally advisable that you aim to be at the delivery point when they reach it, and so to leave before or at the same time as they do. Some people choose instead to leave later and either set a delayed delivery time, have someone else meet the move specialists at the delivery location, or take care of other business and take an alternative form of transportation (Plane or train) in order to be at the delivery point in time. As with everything else, National On Time Relocation is dedicated to carrying out your move in the most convenient way for you. We find that means it is easiest to be flexible with scheduling, but please do take the time to discuss with your move team what your plans and needs are.

Communication is key in Long Distance Moves.

The Long Distance Move Specialists in charge of your job will be given the contact information you provided at the start to let you if there is any delay and to generally keep you updated on any developments throughout the travel time. While we obviously prefer that everything go according to plan, this is the real world and things happen. We understand that, and do everything we can to be flexible and understanding of any delays. Whatever happens, we at National On Time Relocation know that the most important thing is that we stay in touch. When you work with National On Time Relocation, you can leave the worrying to us. You’ll never have to lose your mind wondering – “Where in God’s name are the two strange man who drove off in that truck with every single one of my worldly belongings!?”

Before anyone drives off with anything, National On Time Relocation will confirm your contact information and give you the number for the Long Distance Move Team assigned to your job. They will send you regular updates and be available to discuss any developments or delays on your end and answer any questions you might have until the job is completed. Each move specialist may have their own ideas on how often they would like to be updated, so feel free to bring this up in the planning discussion; you can agree beforehand that your move team will be happy to send you an update every 3 hours, every hour, or even more frequently if you’re really that worried – but you really shouldn’t be, relax and let us handle the stress, okay?