Thank you for looking to National On Time Relocation to meet your moving (as well as your planning, packing, and all of those moving related and moving adjacent) needs. Also, now that you’re here, Congratulations for having found the only moving company in the Los Angeles area that can meet all of those needs with quality, straight forward services brought to you by dependable, hard-working and experienced National On Time Relocation Move Specialists and always for the most affordable value available. We appreciate your coming so that we can tell you a little about who we are, what we do and can do for you, your friends and family and your business.

We started National On Time Relocation to provide people who are forced to undergo the all too often overwhelmingly awful and panic inducing ordeal that is moving with a service that really shouldn’t be as rare as is: simple, stress free packing and moving services provided exactly when you need them and completed exactly how you need them to be by a team of dependable, hard working and skilled movers who you can trust.

Here is a quick list of “red flags” for you to consider when choosing your moving company:

  • When your moving company asks you to sign documents that are incomplete, this is a pretty telltale red flag: National On Time Relocation will not ask you to sign documents that leave you open to liability, with us or to yourself! We know that you have enough paperwork on your plate, what with moving over bills, forwarding your mail and subscription services, and creating your own paper trail to track moving costs.
  • If a moving company offers “everything under the sun,” including a “completed quote,” over the phone or web, without ever appraising (or seeing) the place to which they will be providing moving services.
  • Don’t fork over a huge deposit on your moving services without any documentation! Sadly, we have rescued some wonderful (albeit a bit too trusting) customers. These people did their research! The key here is, know what you are signing, what you are paying for, and what your agreed upon timeline will be.
  • Just as dangerous as putting a deposit down on poor (or non-existent) services, is the frightening reality that companies will quote you and accept your payment, only to re-neg upon the original price. National On Time Relocation does not engage in this illegal, unsatisfactory method of scamming hard working people. National On Time Relocation has set the standards and meets this precedent with each and every completed move we provide.
  • Don’t let these illegitimate companies scare you from what can be a life saving, heaven sent service! Part of the reason why these scam companies exist is due to the high demand of our excellent moving services.

Final Thoughts On Moving Company Red Flags

Our amazing team of moving professionals will do what we promise, when we promise. At National On Time Relocation, we believe in forthright, mutual expectations, and hope that you do too! National On Time Relocation wants to work for people who trust us, and provide the best quality service to people with whom we can do business!
As a local moving service company (West Covina’s best in affordable moving) we believe in doing business with people we know and trust – not big corporations looking for a quick buck, but people we wave to in our neighborhoods.

Maybe most importantly, we set out to provide those services for the most affordable price out there.
When you’re moving, it usually means you’re already going through enough – whether your lease is expiring, your roommates have decided that they don’t want to live with you anymore (‘Fine then, go. … Oh, I see – so really it’s that you don’t want me to live with you anymore.

Here… in this great place where all of my memories have been made and where all of my things already are. That’s totally different, ya know!?’) or you are being forced to find a new home for any of a variety of stressful enough reasons like having to relocate for work, going through those always challenging transitions in a relationship, or just not being able to afford your current space. The last thing you need is to worry about exorbitant prices for moving services.

We knew from our own experiences that it doesn’t cost anywhere near that much to provide the moving services so many are paying too much for, and that we could do things better, and work smarter and harder to succeed in delivering people the services they need when they need them most at a great value.